Hosting a party? Having guests over for a fancy dinner? Getting married? One of the most common questions we get here at Brinkmann's Wine and Spirits is: how much wine/liquor should I buy! Of course, there are many variables, but this beverage calculator will give you a solid head start for planning purposes.

Brinkmann's has its very own planner on staff who specializes in BFE - Beverages For Events. The coordinator will sit down with you to discuss your BFE needs, whether big or small. We can advise, and we take direction well, too. Most importantly, we can offer you a "plan" to help budget and assess your options. Email our coordinator or stop in to see us at the store. We will help make your job a LOT easier, and a LOT more fun!

Light drinkers

Moderate drinkers

Heavy drinkers

Length of party (hrs)
Drinks served